Value Stream Mapping the Development Process


Value stream mapping (VSM) is a lean technique used to analyze the flow of materials and/or information currently required to bring a product to a consumer. It can be used in any process that needs an improvement. We bring together a cross functional leadership team to construct the current state of your development process. We then envision and create the value stream map for your future state. Finally a implementation plan and tracking center are constructed.



The benefits derived from deploying this technique are three fold:

1.       Elimination of unneeded work through waste identification.

2.       Compression of time to market through waste elimination and parallel work.

3.       Building teamwork and ownership of this critical business process.


Reduce Time-to-Market by 33-50%!

Current State Map.jpg

 What are the high level steps in a VSM Event?

1.       Identify Business Objectives

2.       Develop Project Charter

3.       Describe & Map Current State

4.       Envision & Map Future State

5.       Develop and Implement Action Plan

6.    Measure Progress and Results