Linking Lean with Innovation(tm) Workshop

Description: In this two day workshop, your company's leadership team will be given an overview of Lean Innovation. Combining lecture, team exercises and capability assessments, your company completes the workshop with the knowledge of new product development best practices and an understanding of what constraints limit your company's new product development performance.

Who should attend: The leadership teams of companies that need to improve their growth rate through superior product and market development performance. Typical roles that attend include president/general manager, vp/director/manager of engineering, sales, manufacturing, supply chain, human resources, marketing, and product management. It is crucial to have a cross-functional team participate in this workshop.

Why this Workshop is Important:

Increase the number of new products launched each year.


Increase the probability of success for your new products through better differentiation and a deeper understanding of your customer's needs.


Receive simple 80/20 Tools that help you quickly establish Portfolio and Resource Management systems.


Grow a culture of teamwork through cross-functional collaboration