Are too many ideas stalled inside Idea Generation? Are there too few resources to collect the information you need to select the right idea for advancement? Then learn about:

Velocity: The Oakland Student Accelerator(tm)

  • What: An eight-week accelerator program that takes an idea from the Idea Generation phase and applies Lean Startup techniques such as customer discovery, competitor and IP landscaping, value proposition creation, low fidelity prototyping and learning plans to explore the opportunities and risks of the provided idea.
  • How: Students who have completed either a Blast Furnace, First Gear, CMU MIIPS or Pitt Bioengineering program perform due diligence on a client idea, supported by the appropriate mentors. After 8 weeks the client can choose to promote the idea into Ideation phase, shelve it or put it through another 8-week accelerator.
  • Who: The client provides the Clinical, Technical or Business Mentor(s) depending on the idea. Smart Hammer provides the complementary mentor(s) and experienced students.
  • Why: Students want to work, gain experience, get paid and build their resumes. Clients wants to increase the velocity of new ideas flowing through their innovation pipeline. Universities see the value in students gaining visibility, experience and employment.

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