Smart Hammer Innovation provides the insight, tools, and expertise to improve your innovation pipeline.

Our services include: 

Marketing plan development.  We will complete a situational analysis to help your organization define your target audience, develop your marketing goals and strategies, and determine your budget.  

Competitive analysis. We will help identify your current and potential future competitors, evaluate their capabilities and strategies, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and develop effective strategies to improve your competitive advantage. 

Strategic plan development. From your mission and vision statements to setting short-term goals and long-term strategic objectives, we will help define the future of your business.   

Linking Lean with Innovation. In our experience, a great idea can fail due to improper design, manufacturing, and/or testing. A bad idea can also be effectively brought to market only to fail due to lack of differentiation or innovation. We specialize in combining lean processes with innovation during the development and discovery phases of product development to streamline and eliminate waste while capturing the voice of the customer and creating differentiated solutions.